Date: 1st October 2001

Bin Laden Book To Be Made Into A film

A British book about an attack by terrorist OSAMA BIN LADEN on the White House is to be made into a controversial new film. Movie studio MIRAMAX is working on a screen version of CRISIS FOUR by former British special forces man ANDY MCNAB, who insists he is not jumping on any bandwagon following the atrocities in New York and Washington.

In the novel, a beautiful British woman tries to infiltrate security at the Presidential residence with the aim of blowing it up and killing the American leader. The man trying to stop her is also a former SAS soldier, and McNab says this is no coincidence.

He says, "The character is partly autobiographical. Many people have bought the book since September 11 because of the coincidences. It shows that you don't have to have a beard and a turban to be working for Bin Laden. " (BRC/WNBTE/NFA)

Source: WENN