Date: 28th September 2001

Winslet Can't Wait To Leave Britain

KATE WINSLET can't wait to get out of Britain after the breakdown of her marriage to JIM THREAPLETON. The ENIGMA (2001) star confesses that she will be relieved when she jets out to Texas with baby daughter MIA later this autumn (01) to film her new movie, THE LIFE OF DAVID GALE with KEVIN SPACEY.

But Kate insists she isn't leaving the country to avoid reports of an affair with Enigma co-star DOUGRAY SCOTT, which she describes as ridiculous. She says, "It's absolutely and completely laughable. I know nothing about Dougray's personal situation. "

And despite her heartbreak, the actress, who won the hearts of film lovers on both sides of the Atlantic playing Leonardo DiCaprio's lover in TITANIC (1997), claims she still believes in love. She says, "I'd be a fool to say I didn't. At the moment though, all the love I have is for my child. " (IG/WNTMA/KMW)

Source: WENN