Date: 27th September 2001

Gisele's Jealousy Of Leo And Kate Relationship

LEONARDO DiCAPRIO'S fiancee GISELE BUNDCHEN is furious with her beau for spending so much time on the phone to KATE WINSLET. BEACH, the (2000) star met HEAVENLY CREATURES (1994) actress Kate when they filmed on OSCAR winning epic TITANIC (1997) in 1997.

Kate's three year marriage to JIM THREAPLETON has recently come to an end, and Kate is so distraught she pulled out of the premiere for her new film ENIGMA (2001) earlier this week (24SEP01). The hunky actor has offered Kate a shoulder to cry on, but his kindness seems to be driving a wedge in his own relationship.

Supermodel Gisele suspects that the mother of 11-month-old MIA has a secret crush on her intended and wants Leonardo to stop calling his former leading lady. (JLM/WNWSMG/ES)

Source: WENN