Date: 26th September 2001

Stars Drop Egos For Telethon

Hollywood hotties such as MEG RYAN, BEN STILLER and SYLVESTER STALLONE swallowed their pride after being told they could not star in Friday's (21SEP01) telethon A TRIBUTE TO HEROES. According to the NBC website there were many celebrities who tried to sign up for the event were told there was no room in the two-hour show by producer JOEL GALLeN.

A source says, "It was a little awkward because Joel Gallen had just produced Ben Stiller's movie, ZOOLANDER (2001). Ben called Joel and said, `I want to help. ' Joel had to tell him, Sorry buddy, I can't fit you in. I've only got two hours. '"

The source continues that Ryan, Stiller and Stallone were gracious when they accepted the news and were happy just to answer the phones. "There was no ego at all, and we're talking some major stars. They just wanted to help out in any way they could. Everyone was great. "

Benefit spokesman confirmed that "some major stars" were turned away, but declined to list names. (ES/WNWCNB)

Source: WENN