Date: 26th September 2001

Kidman Tipped For Oscar Nomination

NICOLE KIDMAN is expected to be nominated for an OSCAR for her role in OTHERS, the (2001). BOB WEINSTEIN, the head of one of Hollywood's biggest film companies MIRAMAX, is tipping Nicole Kidman's new film to be nominated for at least two golden statuettes.

Weinstein expects TOM CRUISE'S ex-wife to be nominated for the Best Actress Oscar for OTHERS, the (2001). Director Alejandro Abellan is also likely to be nominated for his screenplay for the film, according to the co-director of Miramax.

Others, the (2001) has crept up the US box office top 10 and is now at number two, having made more than $80 million (61. 5 million). Weinstein says, "There are many twists and turns in Others, The (2001), like there are in SIXTH SENSE, the (1999), and it appeals to a wide audience. " (JLM/WNWCAN/ES)

Source: WENN