Date: 25th September 2001

Madonna And Costner End Feud

KEVIN COSTNER ended a 10-year feud with MADONNA when he went to see the MUSIC hitmaker in concert this month (9SEP01). The two stars hadn't spoken since Costner last saw Madonna in concert in 1991. At the end of that show, the actor went backstage to congratulate the singer on her performance. Unfortunately for Costner his choice of words upset the MATERIAL GIRL.

He told her that the gig was "neat", and she was so offended, she responded by sticking her fingers down her throat and pretended to vomit, behind his back, saying afterwards, "Anyone who says my show is 'neat' has to go. "

Her outburst was caught on camera and when the video was released, Costner was so furious the two never spoke again. However the two kissed and made up after Madonna's recent show in Los Angeles. Costner took his kids to see the show, and when Madonna spotted his name on the V. I. P. list - she responded by dedicating the song SECRET to him onstage.

After the show, Madonna invited him to her dressing room to apologise. (IG/WNWCNE/RP)

Source: WENN