Date: 22nd September 2001

Cindy's Emotional Struggle

Former supermodel CINDY CRAWFORD is struggling to keep her emotions in check as she tries to combine the stress of new motherhood with the distress of American terrorist attacks. Crawford gave birth to her first daughter KIA just one week before the horrific attacks on New York and Washington.

And although she is relieved to report that she and her immediate family are safe and sound she admits it's been a tough time for her emotionally. She says, "Thanks to all of you who expressed concern last week about the safety and well being of me and my family. We were all in Los Angeles, watching in horror with the rest of the nation.

Having just had a beautiful baby girl I was filled with so many conflicting emotions. Joy at becoming a mother again and deep sorrow for the tragic loss of so many lives. I'm not sure either reality has set in. I am filled with overwhelming admiration for the heroism and bravery displayed by so many. My prayers are for the fallen, for their loved ones and for the healing of the planet. "

Source: WENN