Date: 23rd September 2001

Julia Roberts: It's Hard To Find Words

JULIA ROBERTS was close to breaking down on Friday night (22SEP01) when she appeared on the AMERICA: A TRIBUTE TO HEROES telethon. The distraught actress took part in the phone-in to benefit victims of the 11 September (01) attacks on America, and was moved to tears by the experience.

She told the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, "How do you begin to imagine something so incomprehensible? It's so hard to find the right words - because there aren't any. The greatest gift, the most powerful weapon we have right now is to love one other. "

The Oscar-winning beauty described her experience on the telethon as "pretty tremendous". "It was a privileged and emotional place to stand there for my minute," she said. "Before I went on, I watched the program for an hour and a half. I was so touched and overwhelmed and humbled by everyone's efforts. I have no answer,"

she added. "Like everyone, I am stunned. It has been an hour-by-hour thing for me. But there is commonality in all of us, and an equality we share now. I want to hold on to that sense. We are all in this together now, and somehow we'll get through it. " (NFA/WNWDN/RP)

Source: WENN