Date: 23rd September 2001

Meg Ryan's Mum On Feud With Daughter

The mother of actress MEG RYAN, SUSAN RYAN JORDAN has written of her private pain behind her daughter's public image in her new book THE IMMUNE SPIRIT. It is 12 years since Ryan last saw her mother.

There has been no contact in spite of public begging by HARRY HYRA, Meg's father, to at least acknowledge their relationship. Jordan says, "In the early days of her career, she would speak fondly of me, say how much she admired her schoolteacher mother and talk about her happy upbringing.

But that changed. Soon, I was reading interviews in which she accused me of abandoning her as a child, which was untrue. She called me shallow. I've decided that if that's how she sees our life together, that's her problem, not mine. "

Source: WENN