Date: 24th September 2001

Lennon Failed In His Bardot Quest

BEATLES legend JOHN LENNON's fantasy date with former Hollywood goddess Brigitte Bardot fizzled out miserably. ALASTAIR TAYLOR the former assistant of BRIAN EPSTEIN, the band's manager reveals the sordid non-affair in tell-all book.

Alistair writes, "He had a friend organise a meeting with Brigitte when she was in London. She was interested in the idea and a date was fixed at her Mayfair hotel. But John was really nervous and decided to increase his confidence with a mixture of drugs and alcohol. He was completely out of his brain by the time he got into her room and, by his own account, was incapable of rising to the occasion. "

The French sex symbol was apparently disappointed by the incident and John was ribbed by the rest of the band for weeks. He adds, "John was inconsolable. He told me how he had dreamed of Brigitte Bardot ever since high school. But when it came to it, he was ridiculously nervous. "

Lennon told Taylor, "She was keen enough and we played around a bit, but there was just nothing. Very embarrassing. I tried to tell her it was nothing personal but what could be more personal than that?" (NQ/WNSMA/ES)

Source: WENN