Date: 24th September 2001

Ben Stiller's Dad helped Him Take Acid

Funnyman BEN STILLER had an unconventional childhood - but one advantage was that his father was happy to help him out when an acid trip went wrong. The actor's parents had a comedy act called STILLER AND MEARA, and Ben grew up surrounded by people in the entertainment industry.

And although the pressure of living in a professional family meant there were a lot of family tensions, Ben now realises what an extraordinary relationship he had with his father. He says,

"Once when I was a teenager, I was with a friend and took acid, which was really crazy. I ended up calling my parents. My father was incredibly supportive and eager to help. It wasn't until I got older and heard about other people's experiences that I appreciated just how extraordinary that was. " (SVD/LAT/NFA)

Source: WENN