Date: 20th September 2001

Tolken Relatives Fear Film Will Cause Trouble

The elderly children of LORD OF THE RINGS author John Ronald Reuel Tolkien are worried the forthcoming film trilogy will leave them open to abuse from weirdos. CHRISTOPHER, FATHER JOHN and PRISCILLA Tolkien have had no input into the PETER JACKSON project because the writer's estate no longer owns the film rights for the fantasy tome.

Now Fr John, 83, a retired Roman Catholic priest, says the trio just want to be left in peace, away from obsessed fans of the cult book. He says, "The Tolkien family is under perpetual abuse of one kind or another. I am anticipating endless bother when the film actually comes out. "

The movies, which star LIV TYLER, SIR IAN MCKELLEN and CATE BLANCHETT, are being shot on location in New Zealand. (BRC/WNTEX/IG)

Source: WENN