Date: 19th September 2001

Cher Defends Herself Against Hired Construction Worker

CHER is shocked by the wrongful termination lawsuit brought against her by SALVATORE SAMPINO. Sampino says he was driven to quit his job last year (MAY00) after he reported allegedly improper labour practices in the construction of the sprawling Pacific Coast Highway estate, owned by the superstar.

But Cher told a Los Angeles court room, "I just thought it was nuts. I was pretty flabbergasted. " Cher's lawyer, JERRY MANDEL, claims Sampino never complained about the treatment of workers, and was 'never once retaliated against'. "

Mandel contends Sampino was professionally incompetent and emotionally ill, a man suffering from "
mixed personality disorder" and paranoia. Cher admits she was shocked by Sampino's suit, "I was astonished by the things that it said, and how virulent the attack on me personally was. " (MB/WNWCE/IG)

Source: WENN