Date: 18th September 2001

Cate Banchett's Hair Do Nightmare

Actress CATE BLANCHETT vowed to never dye her hair again after it was all cut off for a movie role - until she discovered her real hair colour wasn't very attractive. The ELIZABETH (1998) star had to chop off her locks for her new movie HEAVEN (2001) which centres on a young British widow who gets involves with drug lords in Italy.

And although the actress wasn't bothered about getting the chop, she admits she did make some alterations to her new hair-do that she wasn't planning on. She laughs, "In the story, the cut was an act of purity, a voluntary sacrifice. Everyone was so worried about it that I was counselling them.

But cutting it all off was so liberating. You know when see a field of wheat and you can chart the path of the wind? My had was constantly being caressed by the breeze. I said to myself, When it grows, I'm not going to dye it anymore. Then a friend said, 'I didn't realize you were a swamp-water blonde. ' I dyed it the next day. "

Source: WENN