Date: 18th September 2001

Jerry Hall Tells Of Burglery Terror

Model JERRY HALL told a British jury today (17SEP01) of her terror at discovering burglars in her London home. The Texan star issued a statement detailing the events of last year (SEP00) at KINGSTON CROWN COURT, britain.

The statement read by SALLY HALKERSTON, prosecuting, recalls, "As I entered my house through the front door I heard the distinctive sound of the catch on one of my upstairs doors. I then proceeded upstairs to see if my son or his nanny FIONA HENDERSON were awake. Both were asleep so I continued up the next flight of stairs to my own bedroom.

Here I discovered some muddy footprints on the carpet then noticed that my bedroom had been ransacked. I heard a sound that could only be described as scrambling noises and I concluded that I had disturbed the burglars but I didn't see anyone. "

Antiques dealer DAVID BRYCE, 33, pleaded not guilty to burglary of the residence in London's exclusive Richmond area. The case continues. (KMW/WNE/KW)

Source: WENN