Date: 18th September 2001

Charlize Theron Unrepentant About her Father

CHARLIZE THERON is unrepentant about repeatedly lying to reporters about her father's death by telling them her dad perished in a car crash - in reality he was shot dead by her mother. When the beauty was just 15, her allegedly abusive father came home drunk and tried to attack his family, provoking Theron's mum GERDA to shoot him in self defense.

Theron hid the real reason for her father's death from Hollywood for years before coming clean last year (00). She says, "I just dealt with it in a way that was right for me. I don't feel bad about lying. My parent's didn't ask for their lives to be put in the spotlight. I felt like I was robbed of something that is very much part of me, part of who I am. I never wanted to share that with anyone. " (MB/EL/KW)

Source: WENN



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