Date: 15th September 2001

Madonna Devastated By Ritchie's Past Love

MADONNA's marriage is in tatters - the MATERIAL GIRL hit the roof after claims her husband had two-timed her. According to America's GLOBE tabloid, the singer was fuming after revelations in the British press from GUY RITCHIE's former girlfriend, TV beauty TANIA STRECKER. Strecker had suggested that director Guy was still seeing her while Madonna was pregnant with their son ROCCO.

A source says, "Madonna hit the roof. I don't give the marriage too much longer. Madonna is 43 years old and looks her age - what woman would not be broken up when she's told her husband cheated on her with a younger, prettier and sexier girl? "

Although Guy says he loves her, Madonna is heartbroken and really vulnerable. " Meanwhile Strecker wants Ritchie back. A friend says, "She says Guy likes younger chicks and will eventually come back to her. She said, 'He'd rather be in my bed. '" (MB/TG/NFA)

Source: WENN