Date: 21st September 2000

Nets To Wage Star Wars?

On the heels of reports that NBC plans to air a new game show in which the winner will be rocketed to the Russians' Mir space station, the New York Times is reporting today that the three other major networks, CBS, ABC and Fox, attended A "pitch meeting" last Monday about a show in which 20 contestants would be trained at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, with one of them being selected to spend a week aboard the new International Space Station.

The newspaper, citing executives at the three networks, said that the proposal was put forward by Dreamtime Holdings, which it described as "a company with ties to NASA," and the Endeavor talent agency. Fox Entertainment chairman Sandy Grushow told the Times: "We were told NASA was involved. If they're producing this thing through NASA, that's the powerful attraction."

NASA declined comment.

Source: Studio Briefing