Date: 15th September 2001

Ben Affleck Gives Josh Hartnett A Warning

JOSH HARTNETT was given a wake up call when his PEARL HARBOR (2001) co- star BEN AFFLECK was admitted to rehab. The 23-year-old actor admits Affleck's alleged drinking problem was a warning to him to avoid the temptations of Hollywood.

He says, "When anything like this comes up, it makes me count my blessings and take stock of my life. Ben's experience is something I can take to heart. There are many temptations out there. " He continues, "It's not like this whole fame thing is easy and Ben must have had it twice as hard as I did. You lose all your perspective. "

Hartnett is making sure he isn't beaten by the fame game by living in the town he grew up in - St Paul, Minnesota. He says, "Being with the people that I've known since childhood helped me gain a sense of perspective. "(MB/TS/KW)

Source: WENN