Date: 21st September 2000

Sly Stallone's A Vengeful Man

Hollywood tough guy SYLVESTER STALLONE is starring in the remake of GET CARTER - and he really does side with the character's lust for revenge.

The movie is about a mob enforcer that discovers redemption and family values after the suspicious death of his brother. And the RAMBO star says of revenge, "I think revenge works. In some areas it works. I think that to have the satisfaction of at least paying someone back and doling out some of the pain and humiliation that you've received is the best revenge.

What's better than stomping on the people that have stomped on you?. Now, when you get into criminal revenge, that I'm not so sure about. I'm talking about petty revenge. If your neighbour has a dog that barks, you go out and buy a dog that barks louder. That's revenge. But it's comic revenge. I stick to that." (JM/WNWCDR)

Source: WENN