Date: 21st September 2000

Carmen Electra Steals Leo's Women

Sexy model CARMEN ELECTRA can't keep women away from her - and it's making Hollywood hunk LEONARDO DICAPRIO crazy with jealousy.

The SCARY MOVIE actress was at a party with TITANIC hunk DiCaprio when a bevvy of beautiful women sidestepped the blonde actor to spend time with her - something DiCaprio couldn't quite believe.

She says, "All I get is women trying to pick me up. Leonardo was hanging out and talking to three gorgeous women. The girls saw me, left Leo, and were all over me.

Later on that evening, Leo walked up to me and said, 'That was crazy. The girls I was with ditched me for you.' But I've never had a sexual experience with a woman." (SVD/FH/JM)

Source: WENN



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