Date: 21st September 2000

Priestley Slams Celine

Hunky actor JASON PRIESTLEY amazed TV producers when he slammed CELINE DION for driving Canadians out of their homeland with her music.

The events happened on-air on FOX NEWS LIVE yesterday. The former BEVERLY HILLS 90210 heart-throb appeared on the programme with LINDA VESTER to promote his new documentary, BARE NAKED IN AMERICA, about the Canadian band BARE NAKED LADIES, premiering in theatres on 29 September (00).

Insiders say a seemingly drunken Priestley spilled coffee all over himself before going live and fell asleep twice in the make-up chair before being left alone to "collect himself." The show source says, "We actually had discussions about whether or not we should let him go on air," but after the final nap in the make-up chair Priestley seemed coherent enough.

But after a few minutes of talking about his documentary, Priestley changed the subject saying, "There aren't that many Canadians left. "There's only 25,000, um, 25 million left. We were once 30 million but most people fled the country because they were tired of listening to Celine Dion music." (JM/WNWCPS)

Source: WENN



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