Date: 12th September 2001

Patrick Swayze Fights Against Dirty Dancing Sequel

PATRICK SWAYZE doesn't want anyone else but himself to play JOHNNY CASTLE in a DIRTY DANCING (1987) sequel. The 49-year-old star admits he's troubled by reports Hollywood is planning a sequel with singer RICKY MARTIN at the helm.

He says, "If they had come up with one that didn't feel like a rip off to me, I would have done it. I would still. But I sure hope they don't have someone else playing BABY or Johnny Castle. It'll be interesting how they do it. "

He continues, "Part of me says they're crazy to try to do a sequel without me and JENNIFER GREY. But who knows? The title alone may just fill the theatres. " (MB/PRE/KMW)

Source: WENN