Date: 11th September 2001

Pacino Struggled To Be In The Godfather

AL PACINO was screen-tested five times before finally getting the part of MICHAEL CORLEONE in GODFATHER, The (1972). Then a little-known stage actor, the Hollywood legend became so fed up he even begged director FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA not to put him through any more tests.

He says, "I think they wanted a movie star, which I absolutely was not. But to make it worse, I screen-tested on a scene that didn't really allow me to show my chops. I kept thinking, This is ridiculous. These people don't want me, and I don't want to be around when they feel that away. Besides, I think they might be right. At one point, I just begged Francis, 'No more auditions, no more screen tests. I can live without this part. '"

The studio thought Pacino was too meek and mild for the part, and the method acting star has never forgiven them. He adds, "When we finished the movie, the same people who were against me and put me down whenever they could were all for me. But then they couldn't understand why I didn't want anything to do with them. " (BRC/UC/NFA)

Source: WENN