Date: 11th September 2001

British Actors Strike Looming

British actors are meeting up with their agents today (11SEP01) to discuss a possible strike next Tuesday (18SEP01). Famous names from the British isles such as OSCAR-nominated JULIE WALTERS and MOULIN ROUGE (2001) hunk EWAN McGREGOR are backing an actors protest over rights for bonus payments.

Actors union EQUITY is meeting with its members agents for support in the disagreement against the PRODUCERS' ALLIANCE FOR CINEMA AND TELEVISION (PACT). In Britain, actors receive a one-off payment for any future broadcasts or sales of a film they have been in, and no matter how successful the film is, the money goes to the producers and distributors.

Despite his lucky stance as a Hollywood superstar, Scottish Ewan has not forgotten his early days as struggling actor. Ewan fumes, "I am tired of making producers and distributors rich while I and my fellow actors are exploited. "

This Sunday (16SEP01) all members of Equity will be invited to an open meeting to discuss the rights and royalties issues.

Source: WENN