Date: 8th September 2001

Sharon Stone's Not So Smart

She may be credited as one of Hollywood's brainiest beauties - but SHARON STONE is not a member of high IQ society MENSA. The BASIC INSTINCT (1992) star was widely reported to be a member of the organisation after impressing pals and co-stars with her intellect.

But Mensa have angrily slammed reports that the blonde actress is a member and are demanding she takes a test to prove how smart she really is. JIM BLAKMORE, a spokesman for the society says,

"Ms. Stone is not now and never has been a member. Some in the media have reported that she is smart enough to be, but repeated efforts on our part to have the offending information removed or to get Sharon Stone to submit prior evidence or take the test have been unsuccessful. Sorry if this bursts your bubble. " (IG/U)

Source: WENN