Date: 8th September 2001

Aniston Looks Forward To Life After Friends

JENNIFER ANISTON has got over her fears of Hollywood after the end of hit sitcom FRIENDS - she's now really excited about the future. After admitting she was terrified of embarking on a movie career, the actress is now looking forward to ending an era and putting her popular character RACHEL GREEN to bed.

And although she loves the show, she admits she's ready to tackle the next stage of her life. She says, "As far as I know this is our senior year. We signed up for two more years two years ago and this is our final one. There comes a point when something's done, it's just done. I'm looking up to the next stage now. The sky looks pretty clear, there are no storms coming in just yet. It's good. " (SVD/WNV/LE)

Source: WENN