Date: 8th September 2001

Ewan Is A Natural At Singing

Scottish heart-throb EWAN MCGREGOR relished the chance to sing in new film MOULIN ROUGE (2001) - because music is in his genes. The TRAINSPOTTING (1996) star, who has been singing since he was a child and also plays the french horn, felt drawn into the world of the Parisian music hall and overcame any inhibitions he might have had.

He says, "Singing is as much a way to express yourself as acting is. I also think the poetic tradition is part of Celtic history. Singing, dancing, telling stories is part of our make-up.

When Nicole and I first met, at Baz's house in Sydney, we ended up singing a song round a piano. It is quite exposing singing when there are just two of you in a room with the director, but after a lot of giggling and being embarrassed, we were sucked up into the world of Moulin Rouge (2001) where everything is possible. "

Source: WENN