Date: 21st September 2000

Angelina's Desperate To Keep Relationship With Billy Sexy

Hollywood wild child ANGELINA JOLIE is so determined to keep her husband BILLY BOB THORTON satsified she alters her image to spice up their relationship.

The GONE IN SIXTY SECONDS star - who married Thorton in May (00) after a whirlwind romance - is desperate to make the marriage work, and will do anything to make sure her husband only has eyes for her.

She says, "I love to radically change my physical appearance. It's good for my work and good for my life. "It's really weird because I change constantly and when Billy and I do get together - both of us have undergone massive physical changes so it's like being with a stranger who you love. "It's really weird but it's really fun at the same time. It keeps our relationship alive."

In the past year the sexy actress has become a chamelon of haircolours and styles - and even temporarily ditched her black tresses for a stint as a blonde during the filming of GIRL INTERUPTED. And the stunning star - currently in London filming TOMB RAIDER - believes that altering her apperance also helps with her acting by allowing her to lose her inhibitions.

She adds, "I usually do everything I can to change the way I look to make my character more believable to audiences. I don't want people to just watch me in a movie and go 'Oh there's Angelina playing a housewife' or whatever. I want people to really believe I've become the person I'm playing." (MAM/WN/CPT)

Source: WENN



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