Date: 9th September 2001

Partying Pammy Upsets Cast Mates

PAMELA ANDERSON's hellraising is wrecking her hit TV series V. I. P because she's often drunk or hungover. Cast and crew on the action series dread when her boyfriend KID ROCK is in Los Angeles, because Pam's partying goes overboard and the atmosphere on the set becomes unbearable.

A set source claims the actress is often so smashed she has to be helped down the stairs of her trailer and she often forgets her lines. The source says, Everyone on the set had heard that Pam was a sweetheart but she's an absolute witch. "

And producer Pam refuses to see that the set problems have anything to do with her - threatening to fire everyone on the series when it wraps at the end of the season. (KL/NE/IG)

Source: WENN