Date: 9th September 2001

Perry And Brando's Lost Wealth

FRIENDS star MATTHEW PERRY and MARLON BRANDO are among the stars owed thousands of dollars from bank accounts they once opened and have since forgotten about. Perry has almost $7,000 (5,385) waiting for him at Imperial Federal Savings Association, while heavyweight Brando has more than $1,000 (769) awaiting him from MCA residuals and royalties.

And they're not alone - JULIA ROBERTS, WARREN BEATTY, BOB HOPE and JOHN TRAVOLTA are also named as stars owed in the latest Bureau of Unclaimed Property findings. The bureau picks up these lost accounts and pay cheques if they're not claimed after three years. The stars merely have to show their IDs at the bureau's headquarters in Pasadena, California, to claim their lost revenue. (KL/NE/NFA)

Source: WENN