Date: 4th September 2001

Michael Caine's Accent Problems

British actor MICHAEL CAINE will never be able to please critics in his own country - because they always find fault with his accents. The star of ITALIAN JOB, The (1969), famed for his cockney accent, says the first thing critics will pick up on in their reviews is the way he speaks.

Caine explains, "They always go after my accent for a start. If I try to play someone they call 'posh', they write, 'I saw through that. ' Like the officer in ZULU. Nobody saw through the officer in Zulu at all. Nobody. It's only after they found out who played him, and I became known as a person. "

And Caine believes, however flawless his accents, British critics will always find fault with him. He adds, "In CIDER HOUSE RULES, the (2000) they all hit the accent and said it was absolute crap. Except the NEW YORK TIMES, who said it was a perfect New England accent, but here they said it was c**p. They knew better. " (LE/E/IG)

Source: WENN