Date: 1st September 2001

Alyssa Milano Pioneers Internet Protection Site

ALYSSA MILANO has set herself up as a web crusader - after her younger brother found porn sites about his big sister. The actress is not ashamed of her earlier glamour modelling, but was so unhappy about her little brother finding porn sites about her that she set up a website to protect celebrity images on the internet.

The 29-year-old actress says, "When my little brother was 12 years old he typed my name into a search engine and all these porn sites came up. It really upset him. I'm not ashamed of the nudity I've done - it wasn't about that. It's about porn guys making $30,000 (23,000) a month from my body without my permission. "

Feisty Alyssa took out 12 law suits, most of which were settled out of court, and the one that did close in court won her $250,000 (192,000). Of the cases, Alyssa says, "It still felt gross because it was porn money. So I came up with the idea of starting an entertainment industry driven search engine. I'm very proud of it because nobody had done anything like it. "

Source: WENN



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