Date: 3rd September 2001

Ewan's Dirty Habits

Scottish actor EWAN McGREGOR was far from gentlemanly towards his MOULIN ROUGE (2001) co-star NICOLE KIDMAN. Ewan plays love-lorn writer CHRISTIAN opposite the Australian beauty who plays the cortersan SATINE in the BAZ LUHRMANN musical.

Ewan says, "I would belch, swear, or tell a rude joke and she would go, 'Ewan,' as if she was slightly embarassed by me. I used to play up to it a lot and try to shock miss Kidman. "

The hunk admits he was nervous of her a-list status when he first met her. He explains, "She is one of those actresses I was either very nervous about meeting or very excited and I don't know which. She is hugely famous and there was an element of me thinking, 'f**king hell, it really is her, in the flesh. ' After the initial nerves, we were soon rolling and frolicking around in rehearsals. " (ES/WNTRE)

Source: WENN



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