Date: 31st August 2001

Brad Pitt Is Mr Perfect

Movie hunk BRAD PITT knows everything there is to know about women, according to his gorgeous wife JENNIFER ANISTON. The MEET JOE BLACK (1998) star is a model of chivalrous behaviour and constantly showers his actress squeeze with flowers and gifts.

Jennifer says, "He's probably one of the kindest people that I know. He's mindful of people and thoughtful and he's just a good person. He opens doors the car door for me, he brought me flowers and all those fun things - he's gentleman. "

And being married to an actor adored by women worldwide doesn't seem to worry the FRIENDS actress, who insists she has no problems with ladies swooning over her man. "Well, you also know that when they're swooning they don't know who you are at all. They know an image. It's kind of pathetic in a way but it sort of comes with the dinner. "

Although Jennifer has denied reports she's pregnant, she admits she's excited about the prospect of starting a family. She says, "I hope I'll be a good mum. I mean, I love kids. I look forward to being there. But I found the baby rumours hysterical, I didn't get mad, I took advantage of all the offers of free desserts. " (RP/WNTSU/KW)

Source: WENN