Date: 30th August 2001

Heath Ledger Homesick For Australia

Australian HEATH LEDGER may be a Hollywood celebrity - but he still misses basic home comforts like VEGEMITE. The KNIGHT'S TALE, a (2001) actor who once lived off noodles and water for a year while waiting for his big break, has scarcely had time to return home since his career took off after landing the role as MEL GIBSON's son in PATRIOT, the (2000).

He says, "I do miss Australia. I miss the weather, the sense of humour, and of course, the vegemite! Ever since PATRIOT, The (2000) I haven't stopped working, until now. I haven't really had a chance to think about it, or let it sink in.

I really detach myself from it all. I have my life, my five best friends, my family, and then all of a sudden I have these 'associates' from the last few months, and beyond that the world - which is curious. I have to keep reminding myself that no matter what people say about me that life in here is what I still have and what I cherish. "

Source: WENN