Date: 29th August 2001

Movie Helps Reunite Drew With Mom

DREW BARRYMORE learned a lot from starring in RIDING IN CARS WITH BOYS (2001) - because playing the character brought her so much closer to her estranged mother JAID. Although their off-and-on antagonism has lasted for many years, the 26-year-old actress admits the role of a single mom forced her to see things from Jaid's viewpoint.

Drew says, "I called her when I was in New York working on 'Riding' last fall. I told her what the movie was about, that in some ways I felt like I was playing her, and that it was the most important job of my life. "

The film is based on the memoir of writer BEVERLEY DONOFRIO, who kicked the father of her child out of the house after he became a junkie. That story echoes Barrymore's mother's experience after she split with JOHN BARRYMORE JR, now 69.

Drew adds, "She dared to raise a child without a father. My father wasn't around, and when he was, he was drunk and abusive. She protected me from him. I resented the s*** out of my mom, but she stuck it out. She didn't bail on me. " (NFA/WNWDN)

Source: WENN