Date: 29th August 2001

Jennifer Aniston Hits Out Against Paparazzi

JENNIFER ANISTON has blasted the "pathetic existence" of the tabloid paparazzi. The 32-year-old star who is married to movie heart throb BRAD PITT claims the media are out to make her life a misery.

She rants, "I don't know how you can avoid those rascal paparazzi finding out where you are - camping out and doing that sort of pathetic existence that they do to fill those trash magazines. "

Jennifer, star of hit TV show FRIENDS, admits, "I get a little too riled by the paparazzi. " The stunning actress has just finished filming ROCK STAR (2001) with MARK WAHLBERG, and adds, "We are actors, but I don't know where we signed up to say that photographers can climb over our walls and take photographs of us. " (JLM/LE/IG)

Source: WENN



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