Date: 26th August 2001

Mystery Of Penelope's Ankle Tattoo

The secret behind PenÚlope Cruz's 883 ankle tattoo is out - it's all to do with the Spanish star's love of numerology. And the hidden meaning behind the mysterious markings on the actress' leg doesn't bode well for her current beau TOM CRUISE - they indicate she's more interested in money, success and power than love.

Leading numerologist CHRISTINE DELOREY, who wrote hit book LIFE CYCLES, claims people who have tattoos of numbers are usually fans of numerology - and she's convinced that's the case with Cruz.

She says, "In her chart, eight and three pop up as her main numbers in life. Eight stands for money, power and success and three stands for skill in communications and creativity. The second eight is to strengthen the power of the first. Penelope wants to win - she is very aggressive in terms of her career. " (KL/NE/KW)

Source: WENN