Date: 26th August 2001

Dougray Scott's Life Changed By Cancer Victim

Movie heart-throb DOUGRAY SCOTT's life has been changed by a series of secret meetings with a young cancer victim. The MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 2 (2000) star met brave JOHANNA MACVICAR, 23, as he prepared for a new role.

Scott, 35, plays a leukaemia sufferer in the film RIPLEY'S GAME, released next year (02). And he says his encounters with Johanna, who urgently needs a second bone marrow transplant after a first operation failed, humbled him.

The actor says, "She opened her heart about her illness and I really want to be positive about my portrayal of leukaemia. I have every confidence that she will get better. She taught me a great lesson in life. .. to appreciate things. "

The pair met at the end of last year (00) after the Scots star contacted the ANTHONY NOLAN BONE MARROW TRUST while researching his new role. They got on so well that Dougray has continued to stay in touch with the MacVicar family in Bishopton, Renfrewshire, Scotland, to keep tabs on Johanna's progress.

Johanna's mum ANGELA says, "He's a lovely guy, though he was really nervous when we met at first. His character was in the same position as Johanna; he had had a transplant that wasn't successful. " (MCM/WNSSU/KW)

Source: WENN