Date: 26th August 2001

Actress Laura Fraser Speaks Of Cocaine Hell

Up-and-coming movie star LAURA FRASER quit her cocaine hell after an ecstasy tablet killed a talented drama school classmate. The 26-year-old actress, who stars in the new blockbuster KNIGHT'S TALE, a (2001), admits she nearly fell victim to drugs and wild parties.

And she only stopped using drugs months after the death of her ex-classmate, ANNETTE MCCALLUM. The pair attended the same SCOTTISH YOUTH THEATRE summer school in 1992, when they were teenage hopefuls. But while Laura went on to Hollywood success with appearances alongside LEONARDO DICAPRIO in MAN IN THE IRON MASK, The (1998), 21-year- old Annette's life was destroyed by drugs.

She died in 1998 at a disco in Lanarkshire, England, after taking an ecstasy tablet. And now Laura has admitted her own drugs habit was so bad that at one stage she thought she might be losing her mind.

She says, "I was going mad. Just started going insane. Completely paranoid. Not knowing what was going on. Not able to concentrate, not able to communicate. I felt so alienated from existence and just didn't know what was happening. "

And since giving up drugs, Laura's a happier person. She adds, "Now my life is completely different from the way it was a few years ago. I don't see the same people, I don't see the same things. " (MCM/WNSSU/KW)

Source: WENN