Date: 27th August 2001

Columbia Pictures Fined For Spider Man Death

Movie studio COLUMBIA PICTURES has been fined $58,805 (42,000) for violations related to the death of a worker on the upcoming SPIDER-MAN (2002) film.

The largest fines were two $25,000 (18,000) penalties for improperly modifying a forklift that later malfunctioned. TIM HOLCOMBE died on 6 March (01) while welding sets for the TOBEY MAGUIRE and KIRSTEN DUNST film when a forklift which had been converted to a crane toppled over.

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health say another worker in the construction basket of the forklift was not seriously injured. No filming had been done and no actors were on the unfinished set. (RP/WNWCAN)

Source: WENN



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