Date: 22nd August 2001

Hewitt's Role From Hell

JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT was amazed when Hollywood actor ALEC BALDWIN asked her to star in his new movie - as The Devil. The beautiful HEARTBREAKERs (2001) actress thought there must have been some mistake when she received the script for forthcoming film Devil and Daniel Webster, The (2001).

She says, "I thought it was a practical joke. I called him and said, 'Are you on medication? Why are you calling me out of all the big actresses in the world?' And Alec said, 'I want the girl next door, the girl you'd really like to be friends with, to play Satan. That's how you really frighten an audience - catch people off guard. ' So I said, 'Yes please. I'll do it!" (BRC/H/ES)

Source: WENN