Date: 26th August 2000

X-Men Star Shy

X-MEN star ANNA PAQUIN claims to be really camera shy despite winning an Oscar.

Anna who plays ROGUE in the blockbuster film and who picked up a best supporting actress Oscar for her role in The Piano says, "I'm just not the type of person who likes to be the centre of attention. I'd much rather be taking a photograph than in it."

Considering her transition from child star to adult actor Anna adds that there hasn't been any career masterplan.

"I've always been someone who takes things as they come. I've never really had any particular expectations or plans when it comes to acting. So I'm just going to see what happens and keep on doing what I'm doing. So far it's going OK."

Looking back to her Oscar win Anna says, "That was pretty much the flukiest cool that's ever happened to me. I didn't know I liked acting, I didn't know about any of this stuff before, but now I've got all these wonderful opportunities to work with people who are the best in their field and the world and I get to play in this really cool playground.

It's really a great thing. It's what I love doing."


Source: WENN