Date: 18th August 2001

Mark Wahlberg Tamed By New Love

MARK WAHLBERG's romance with gorgeous model REAH DURHAM has curbed his wild ways. The former badboy stated dating Durham a few months ago and has been acting like a distinguished gentleman ever since - even improving his behaviour at work.

According to America's STAR magazine, a source says, "Reah calmed Mark's demons and tamed his restless spirit. Everyone said Mark was a real joy on the PLANET OF THE APES set. I never imagined people would refer to him as a consummate professional but that's his new reputation in Hollywood. "

Before Wahlberg met Durham, he was romancing sexy starlets and partying hard, spending late nights out on the town in New York and Los Angeles. Wahlberg had been dating JORDANA BREWSTER but broke up with her in July (01). Durham was seeing STEPHEN DORFF but as soon as the pretty pair were introduced by a pal, sparks flew. (SVD/TS/RP)

Source: WENN