Date: 20th September 2000

Jurassic Park 3 Causes Chaos At Hawiian Airport

The cast and crew of JURASSIC PARK 3 have been causing chaos at Hawaii's main airport by shooting dinosaur attacks on it's most central runway.

The flick continues the tale of the re-birth of dinosaurs following director STEPHEN SPIELBERG's original epic JURASSIC PARK which starred JEFF GOLDBLUM and LAURA DERN.

The cast of the latest blockbuster, including SAM NEILL and WILLIAM H MACY, caused chaos at the island's airport as massive dinosaurs roamed on the runway. Local STEVEN SIZE says, "They have been causing mayhem at the airport. Giant dinosaurs have been wandering around whipping up planes and eating people."

"It just looks so crazy and led to the airport being shut down for some time. I don't think people were so happy with that."


Source: WENN



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