Date: 19th August 2001

Zeta Jones Sitting On Pop Album

Movie stunner CATHERINE ZETA JONES has secretly recorded a pop album with top producer JEFF WAYNE. Wayne reveals how after working with Catherine on a musical version of SPARTACUS in 1992, he was so impressed by her voice that they agreed to create an album together.

Wayne says, "About a year-and-a-half ago, we were on the cusp of actually launching her pop career with this album and singles but her life took quite a turn both professionally and personally when she married MICHAEL DOUGLAS. "

"From my point of view, quite a lot of things have changed, and I've respected that. As she knows, I've had quite a few offers to release this album, even without her participation, but at the core of it I have a good relationship with her and her family and I'd only do it if she wants me to and stays involved with it. "

The pair began laying down tracks for the album in 1994, and they worked on 14 tracks on and off in between Catherine's movie commitments. Wayne describes the music as a mix of pop tunes including ballads, upbeat songs, and tunes with a clubby feel.

He adds, "We were actually going to do four new tracks just to complete the package and update it all when everything really did change for her. Grooves change throughout the years and we wanted to make all the songs sound up-to-date. "

The album never got as far as being named, but Wayne says they still get offers coming in from major record labels regularly. (JM/WN/NFA)

Source: WENN