Date: 20th August 2001

Coppola Pours Scorn On Hollywood

Silver screen legend FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA has attacked the Hollywood movie machine for producing money-making dross.

The creator of such movie classics as GODFATHER, The (1972) criticises Tinseltown's cynical habit of releasing massively-hyped "blockbusters" which make vast amounts of money in their opening week, before disappearing when the public realise they have been conned.

The Oscar-winning director says, "I would like to make another film on the level of APOCALYPSE NOW but I don't think I could do it today. It was easier back then. Today big corporations own all the distribution. "

"They are struggling to get their stock prices up so they make films that will be successful in the short term. No-one would touch a film like Apocalypse Now today. More and more you can only make a film that's like another film, in a style that was like another film. " (TM/WNTEX/NFA

Source: WENN



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