Date: 20th August 2001

Russell Crowe Speaks Out Over Nicole Relationship

Actor RUSSELL CROWE has spoken about being in a number of '"adult situations" with NICOLE KIDMAN. This revelation comes on the back of Kidman's claim that she has not even kissed the GLADIATOR (2000) hunk.

Speaking to American chat show host JAY LENO, Kidman said, "I've never kissed him, no. We have known each other since I was about 19 or 20, and we are very good friends. " However, Crowe took a very different take on their relationship, and also in an interview with Jay Leno said, "I think she is pulling your leg. "

Crowe became coy when pressed for details. "I have actually been in a number of adult situations with Nicole. It gets lonely on the road. " Crowe's comments have fuelled speculation that the stars are having a romance, which began after they both stayed at the exclusive resort of Wakaya, Fiji recently. (SC/WNTEX/RP)

Source: WENN