Date: 17th August 2001

Mark Hamill Attacks Ewan McGregor

Original STAR WARS actor MARK HAMILL has attacked EWAN MCGREGOR for criticising the name of the second STAR WARS prequel Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones (2002).

McGregor told reporters he thought the title ATTACK OF THE CLONES was terrible. But Hamill, who played LUKE SKYWALKER in the original trilogy, thinks McGregor should keep his mouth shut.

He says, "It surprises me that people would have a reaction one way or the other if they haven't seen it. I mean how do you know if it's a bad title if there are actual replicates of some kind aggressively battling each other, then maybe that is a good title. I don't know, but only with GEORGE's (LUCAS) movie would the title create. Let's face it, if they call it The Dog's Breakfast we're all going to go. "

Although he does admit, "I immediately thought in the filmgoers guide it will be right next to ATTACK OF THE PUPPET PEOPLE. " (MB/WN/IG)

Source: WENN